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Delight in our collections of internationally awarded truffles. A combination of flavors and colors that will activate an innovative sensory experience of high level.

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“ Almost everyone likes chocolate.
And we make it so that everyone likes it.” 

- Anabella Arcay -

Our Chocolate Confections

Quality Chocolate from Around the World

Excellent quality combined with artistic creativity and innovation is commingled to craft irresistible chocolate products, such as bonbons, truffles, tablets, and fine desserts. These artisanal confectioned chocolate products are crafted from selected single-origin cocoa and the freshest ingredients without preservatives.

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Arcay Chocolates


Experience the Art of Chocolate

The art of making fine chocolate requires as much skill and talent as gourmet cooking or pastry.   Crafting chocolate requires careful attention to each nuance of the product.


       Arcay Chocolates are the product of Anabella Arcay, a Venezuelan Master Chocolatier. Vast experience with chocolate and cocoa has positioned Arcay Chocolates as one of the premier collections of bonbons and truffles in the world. Arcay Chocolates is an internationally acclaimed Chocolatier with 42 international awards, providing a colorful combination of flavors and art that creates an atmosphere of exquisite sensations, offering a variety of superb and mouth-watering chocolates and desserts. Years in the business have helped Anabella Arcay develop a unique business catered, literally, to every client, taste or need for an unforgettable fusion of art and chocolate.


            Whether you’re planning a superb event or a simple housewarming party, Arcay Chocolates by Anabella Arcay is the Chocolatier you need. For more information, get in touch today.