La Cosecha Awarded Collection Box of 16 Truffles

La Cosecha Awarded Collection Box of 16 Truffles


16 Truffles of 12 exquisite flavors to choose from:

Passion Fruit,

Irish Cream

Blackberry Cardamom

Dark Chocolate Cream

Caramel Salé

Crunchy Almonds


Lemon Basil




Coco Noir

  • Allergens:

    Arcay Chocolates are distributed by ACK Chocolate Industries LLC (also identified as ACK). ACK makes all of its products from scratch and they do not contain any artificial flavor neither any type of preservative and all of them are manufactured in a facility that shares equipment with products that contain milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and coconut. The products do not have additional sugar added to preserve the flavor of the single-origin chocolate. 


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